Cloud Computing

Bring your organization’s products and services to market faster with Cloud Computing. The Cloud Computing qualification has drawn together the best sources of material to explain how to understand the possibilities and challenges of moving your organization’s data to the cloud.

The benefits of moving an organization’s data to the cloud are well documented, from potential cost savings to increased flexibility. Cloud computing is also becoming an increasingly popular IT solution.

Cloud computing is useful to establish common terminology and shared practices within and across organizations. It enables organizations to increase capacity and/or capability without the need to invest in new infrastructure, employee training and licensing new software. It can also help to bring products/services to market more quickly and enables innovation by reducing time and/or cost to failure.

Cloud Computing Certification will give individuals and the organizations they work for a comprehensive understanding of cloud computing and the possible delivery models.

The certification was proposed by Bernard Golden – author/co-author of 4 books on Cloud Computing. Bernard is the Cloud Computing Advisor for CIO Magazine and was named one of the 10 most influential people in cloud computing by in 2012.

What Benefits will Cloud Computing bring to my Organization?

An organization will ensure that its employees have a common knowledge base and understanding about cloud computing, thereby avoiding the common problem of different individuals or groups pursuing inconsistent and even conflicting cloud initiatives. The organization will also be confident that its employees are empowered to effectively pursue a cloud action plan that will be successful and reduce the risk of a failed cloud effort.

How will Individuals Benefit from Undertaking the Cloud Computing Certification?

Cloud Computing candidates will receive a thorough grounding in cloud computing, understanding its characteristics, key benefits, common security and technical challenges and how to address them, as well as all the delivery models – private, public, and hybrid. Candidates will also learn how to effectively implement a cloud action plan that ensures organization acceptance and success for cloud computing initiatives.

Why should I choose this Cloud Computing Certification?

This scheme, unlike many others on the market, is not vendor-biased. It provides an objective, impartial foundation of knowledge for people working on cloud computing projects. It provides thorough coverage of all critical topics within cloud computing, unlike many introductory courses that focus primarily on one specific topic, e.g. licensing or public cloud security.

What should I expect in the Exam?

  • Multiple choice format
  • Closed book
  • 40 minute duration
  • 50 questions
  • Pass mark 25/50 (50%)

What training guidance is used?

The APMG Cloud Computing qualification has drawn together the best sources of material to explain how to understand the possibilities and challenges of moving to the cloud:

Cloud Computing: Foundation White Paper
Author: Bernard Golden

The Cloud at Your Service
Authors: Jothy Rosenberg, Arthur Mateos

Available on APMG Business Books

The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing
Authors: Peter Mell, Timothy Grance