Grab@Pizza– Business IT Alignment in Action

Business has been unhappy with IT for some time now. Do you recognize these?

  • 70% of the IT departments are unable to demonstrate value to their business.
  • The business and IT relationship is under strain, both parties blaming the other.
  • IT is under increasing pressure to improve.
  • New, disruptive technologies are emerging rapidly and Businesses are demanding more and more IT.
  • IT continually struggles to align with the business to ensure investments in emerging technologies deliver value,  without negatively impacting existing services and capabilities?

Business & IT alignment has been a top CIO concern for more than 10 years AND YET WE STILL STRUGGLE. Step in the Grab@Pizza simulation which confronts participants with these issues and addresses it head on in a refreshing and experiential manner.

About this Grab@Pizza™ simulation

Scenario: Grab@Pizza is a very successful company selling millions of Pizza’s every year. But after 6 months in the current year, the sales figures are far below expectations. The CEO urged the Business Manager to make a challenging recovery plan. This plan is based on a 6 month strategy to bring the sales and profit back on target. IT is a crucial enabler for reaching new markets, streamlining processes and reducing administrative overheads. The IT department must organize themselves to explore the business demands, translate them to IT strategy and organize IT Support, IT Operations and Change Management to ensure that the Business is successful at the end of the simulation.

 Objectives: Each of the simulations will be customized towards your own organizational learning objectives and problems to be solved. However in general these are the primary objectives:

  • Learn how to internally align the ITSM processes to create value to the business whilst managing costs and risks.
  • Learn how to engage with the business in a dialogue of mutual understanding to agree and align priorities and decision making.
  • Learn how to balance IT investments and decisions around creating value and outcomes at the same time managing costs and risks.
  • Learn how to use the Jerry Luftman theory about Business and IT Alignment to assess weaknesses and identify improvement areas.
  • Learn how to implement effective communication and governance processes to make the right decisions.
  • Learn how to translate Business Strategy planning to IT Strategy planning
  • Develop an effective customer focus.

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